Alternate Titles and Covers

Have any favorites?! Experiment with mix-and-matching. Maybe you like part of one and part of another.

Title Candidates

Subtitle Candidates

Cover Candidates

Title Candidates (alphabetical order)

(Test readers, click this note 1 )

  • According to Science
  • The Evolution of Human …
  • The Evolution of Human Beings, Institutions, and Belief Systems
  • Explaining it All
  • Explanations
  • General Knowledge
  • Generalism
  • The Grand Vision
  • History in Powers of Ten
  • History’s Ten Time Scales
  • How the World Got to Be This Way
  • I Can See it All from Here
  • A Little Bit of Everything
  • The Most Important Events of All Time
  • The Most Important Things that Ever Happened
  • Scales of Time
  • Telescopes for Time
  • This Changed Everything
  • Time Scales
  • Timescales
  • The Whole Picture
  • Why the World Is How the World Is
  • Why We Are How We Are

Subtitle Candidates (alphabetical order)

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  • Explaining the World from the Big Bang to Big Data
  • From the Big Bang to Big Data, According to Science
  • From the Big Bang to Big Data in Ten Chapters
  • History Viewed Logarithmically
  • History’s Ten Time Scales
  • A Human-Centered History of Everything
  • A Human-Centered History of the Universe
  • A Human-Centered Logarithmic History
  • A Human-Centered Logarithmic History of the Universe
  • Logarithmic History from the Big Bang to Big Data
  • A Logarithmic History of Everything
  • A Logarithmic History of Human Beings, Institutions, and Belief Systems
  • And a New Logarithmic Perspective to See Them
  • World History from the Big Bang to Big Data
  • A World History in Powers of Ten Years
  • The World’s First Logarithmic History

Cover Candidates

(Test readers, click this note 3)

The “Single Hourglass” design
The “Hourglass Sequence” design
The “Galactic Jellyfish” design.
The “Earth Clock” design with icons.
I haven’t checked these images for copyright;
I’d probably need to replace most of them.
The “Single Hourglass with Inline Title” design
The “Background Hourglass” design
The “Hourglass Sequence on Graph Paper” design
The “Hourglasses in Space” design
The “Hourglasses on black background” design.
If you look closely at lower left, you’ll see a tiny man. He is standing on a millennium-glass.
The Earth clock design without icons

Test readers, please return to the front page and read “About this Website format.”

  1. The ideal title should (1) Catch a reader’s interest, (2) Be unique and memorable; bonus points if it’s a little poetic, (3) At least suggest the book’s content (doesn’t need to be descriptive), and (4) Strike a middle-ground between too technical and too colloquial / cheesy. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
  2. The ideal subtitle should (1) Concisely elaborate on the book’s contents so the readers know what to expect, (2) Sound like something that you’d want to learn more about.
  3. The ideal cover should (1) Reinforce the title, subtitle, and blurb, (2) Be visually exciting and make your eyes linger on it, (3) Inspire your imagination about what’s in the book. Also, the title should be easy to read and the image should be easy to discern. I have already committed to hiring a book designer for a 2nd draft of the cover shown on the front page. These alternatives are my own previous concepts. I doubt I will come back to them, but you can let me know what you think.
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